COVID-19 has caused a monumental change to everyone's life.

We're here to help you with a solution that allows you to efficiently see and monitor patients as if you were in your practice with them.

Top Concerns

I cannot see all of my patients at my clinic and they can’t pause their recovery. How do I provide them with the same quality of care?
Are my patients performing their exercises safely? I wouldn’t want them to hurt themselves.
With current telehealth options, I feel I’m losing the quality of the interaction I used to have with my patients in the clinic. How can I rebuild my relationship and their physical health?
Are my patients being consistent with their exercise program? How do I track compliance?



Your role is critical to recovery. Your patients are counting on you. We modernize the experience and innovate your practice.


See how the Digital Mirror App and BioSleeve help to speed recovery time, reduce stress, and improve Physical Therapy program completion. 

Show Me How It Works

Keep your patients safe and motivated in their recovery


Easy home recovery with any connected device


Perform rehab programs with confidence and certainty


See clear, daily progress

How Does the BioSleeve Help?

Spend more meaningful time with your patients, and less time on administrative tasks.

Provide virtual, live PT sessions

Playback patient sessions at your convenience

View precise movement and biometric data at any time - No more guessing!

Adjust rehab programs to meet your patients’ pace of progress



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